Stainless Steel Jewel Slender Comet Plug SM - Pink Sapphire
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Stainless Steel Jewel Slender Comet Plug SM - Pink Sapphire

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These 100% Surgical Stainless Steel plugs are designed for a nice comfortable fit and long life. They weigh more than most plugs, causing a constant sensation.

The real crystal gemstones finish off the plug beautifully and attract lots of attention to the wearing party. These are true works of art. Don't be fooled by cheap itmitiations made of questionable materials and acrylic gems.

Available in SIX enchanting jewel colours & 3 Sizes!  Custom colours also available !

Amethyst Purple | Blue Sapphire | White Diamond | Emerald Green | Pink Sapphire | Indigo Blue | Pink Diamond

(Small) 7.4 cm in length, 3.0 cm in width, weight 180gms

Dimensions (Medium) 8.4 cm in length, 3.5cm in width, weight 280 gms

Dimensions (Large) 9 cm in length, 4 cm in width, weight 420 gms

Material: 100% Stainless Steel & Crystal Jewel

Jewel Plug Features:


• 100% Stainless Steel
• Hypoallergenic
• Retains temperature
• All Lubricant Friendly
• Lasts Forever
• Seemless Toy
• Sylish Colours
• One Year Warranty
• Great Price Margins
• Basic Storage Box
• Easy to clean & store